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In memory of my mom, who would have been 60 years today.



Queen Mary II in Trondheim in August 2010. You can also see Munkholmen, a small island/fortress out in the fjord.

No, the mighty ship did not capsize, nor did she approach the dock in full speed with Ken Block at the wheel. I just took the shot with an wide angle lense.

As you can see the tourists experienced a wonderful day in Trondheim with a clear blue sky. For more beautiful skies, visit SWF Homepage. Feel free to join.

Have a great weekend.

I think that fog can be wonderful, especially when the sun is shining through. The landscape changes and the light is awesome.

For more skies around please visit SWF Homepage, feel free to join.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Husøy is an island in the Øyfjorden on the northwest coast of Senja in the municipality of Lenvik in Troms county, Norway, about 53 km southwest of the city of Tromsø. The island’s population (2009) is 232. Up until recent times, the island was only reachable by boat; however, it is now connected to Senja with a tunnel and a 300-metre (980 ft) long causeway. The island has a grocery store, primary and secondary school, daycare, restaurant, and chapel.

The island is about 1km long and 500m wide.

For more skies around please visit SWF Hompage, feel free to join.