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A day at the office

So far it has been the coldest November ever. With that in mind I just have to continue working outdoors. I don´t mind, I know how to dress in these conditions.

Today I went to a site near a river. I have not been there before but the job was pretty easy, I´ve done it a thousand times. After parking my car I went out getting my gear ready. I had my iPod and I was “singing”…. now that would scare the devil himself…..

Suddenly I heard some noise from the river, like ice breaking. I stopped singing and I saw three otters.

“Dude, where is my camera????”.

I turned from ” Ivar-at-work” to ” Ivar-Ivrig-a-photographer-wannabe” in fractions of a second. Mounting my 500mm lens onto my camera I started shooting. But even with a 500 the distance was on their side.

Now my seven years in the Norwegian Army finally came in use. Even though I was a technician I learned how to sneak upon an enemy, but today I was armed with a Nikon and three otters were my “enemy”.

Lucky for me they were busy eating a great fish.

So it was easy shooting photos.

I wanted to get closer so I prepared myself to get into the cold river and across the ice.

BUT just as I was about to dive in to the ice cold water they spotted me and disappared.

Well, anyway, it was a memorable day;-)