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Photography in Practice

The word “photography” is derived from Greek and translates to“drawing with light”. It’s claimed that Sir John Herschel (1792-1871) first used the term in 1839, and that’s believable given his significant contribution to the science of photography. This site focuses on all things photography and will hopefully set you on a rewarding path.

Types of Photography

There are various genres of photography, each requiring specific skills. Which type of photographer will you be? Here are some choices:

Abstract Photography

If you have an eye for unusual details, abstract photography may be for you. It tends to center around shapes and patterns where the subject of the photo is not immediately obvious. Done well, it’s an intriguing category.

Wildlife Photography

As a way of getting close to nature without harming it (theoretically), wildlife photography is unsurpassable. It needs patience, and at the highest level it can be one of the more expensive areas of photography to get into. However, the benefits are great, even when the photos don’t work out.

Street Photography

Street photography requires the photographer to capture life’s little events and dramas as they unfold on the street. It demands anticipation and perfect timing. Good street photography ignores the mundane and looks for eccentricity, juxtapositions, glimpses of humanity. A casino provides a perfect setting to catch emotions as they happen.

Still Life Photography

Still life photography is one of the hardest genres—arguably the hardest—because the photographer must create the photo from scratch. It requires a deep understanding of composition and light. There must be a reason for every element of the picture to be included.

A Photographic Thought

While it's possible to spend a small fortune on photographic gear, nothing in photography compares to talent. If you have that, the equipment is immaterial.

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